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Its biddy week!

Here are the dates of the next meetings.

Sept 24: MNA Land Use Meeting.
Sept 25: NPU Land Use Board Committee (makes recommendation to NPU)
Sept 27: MNA Board. MNA Land Use makes recommendation to Board.
Oct 2: NPU Meeting. MNA rep makes recommendation.
Oct 4: DRC meets, considers all input and makes recommendation to City Planning.
Oct:5 Hopefully, SAP granted and we go on to obtain our 'building permit'.

Why are we meeting? To show them why we do not need on-site parking because of all the paid lots around us, and the use of the Arby's lot during peak parking times.

Midtown Neighbors Association (MNA) Land Use Committee

Meeting Location: Redeemer Lutheran Church . 731 Peachtree St

September 24 (7:00 PM)

MNA Board
Sept 27 (7:00 PM) location per above.

NOTE: The MNA Board, ahem, apparently formally voted to oppose us on Sept 7, based on the info contained in the libelous flier (underage drinking, tittys and pussy, etc. etc). Now they have to, ahem,
really formally
vote to oppose us. This allows the pesky concept of
due process
to catch up with their decision, heh heh

City of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) - “E”

Meeting Location: Peachtree Christian Church, 1580 Peachtree St.

October 2 (6:30 PM)

Please do NOT send emails to, or call the above chairs
. This is a complex technical issue and you have already demonstrated how the community feel about S4, and this manipulation of the process by MNA.

We expect them to oppose our SAP and for Planning to then issue it. We have the ordinances on our side and all they have is, well, this one last chance to delay our opening, or make more outrageous accusations.

"..then they fight us. Then we win." - M. Gandhi
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